About us

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Who We Are


Angela Maria Mendez – live for family and sport

“I have a wonderful family with two children and a dog. I like playing tennis, beach volleyball and swim. My husband is passiobate bicycle fan. My children are also playing football in a teenage team.”


Ashley Clark-Robertson – to be vegan is life!

“I am strict vegan and animal lover. I collect vegan recepes and hope to help all my frinds to become vegan or just eat healthier!”


Mark Schwarz – good food and good play.

“I am the only man in my family who actually cooks. My four brothers are not able to boil an egg. I also like baseball, that is my passion, watch every play, I am into it!”.

What do we do?

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Buddha

Oh, yes! he was absolutely right! Good mood and health, strong body and muscles, a lot of sport and fine food are real friends to everyone.

We are friends, who actually met at some cooking lessons, Italian food, we believe. Course was awesome, we learned a lot and Angela finally coocked her first lasagne. It was her dream!

We made friends and now follow healthy life styles, though we all eat different and unlikely. We want to share our health with you, sharing our recipes, thought, ideas.

We also pay attention to diet supplements and food. These products must be healthy and not harmful. We save feedbacks from our friends, relatives, people who do sport with us, our neighbours and just Internet Users.

Our aim  is to share Health and Knowledge!