Dash Diet – helps to lose weight and hypertension

dash diet

What is important is that this diet helps people not only to lose weight but it also prevents and decrease high blood pressure (hypertension).

DASH diet does not help to lose weight "10 kg per week for the holiday." After all, its purpose is primarily to prevent the main complication of excess weight - high blood pressure. After analyzing the DASH-diet, once you understand: there is almost no forbidden foods, respect the principle of divisibility. You can stick with DASH-diet for life.

Why you should chose this diet:

  • Absolutely safe for health;
  • It allows you to not only lose weight, but to reduce the risk of diseases caused by excess weight;
  • It generates a habit to eat properly, beats the taste of a harmful food; diet results are stored for a long time and forever;
  • It is cheaper than for traditional food.

What should be in the diet system DASH:

The products from whole grains – up to 8 servings per day. Serving size corresponds to a slice of bread, 30 grams of dry cereal, or about half a glass of cooked cereal, pasta, etc.

Vegetables - 4-5 servings per day. Preference is given to green vegetables their portion  is approximately glass. Portion of other fruit and vegetable juices is half of normal portion (approximately glass).

Fruit - 4-5 servings per day. Portion - it's either one fresh fruit, or ¼ cup of dried fruit or ½ cup of fruit juice.

Nuts, seeds and legumes - 4-5 servings per week. Portion - is either 40g of nuts or 2 tablespoons peanut oil / seed or boiled peas or beans at the rate of 80 ml dry product.

Fat - 2-3 servings per day. As per serving, you can afford a teaspoon of vegetable oil or margarine, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of salad dressing, etc.

Sweets - 5 servings a week, and they should be low-fat. In practice, this means that in the day you can please yourself with a tablespoon of sugar or jam or a glass of soda. You can choose something but not every day.

Liquid. Its total amount, including soup, should not exceed 2 liters per day. Permission is granted to two servings of alcohol for men and 1 serving for women.

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