Qsymia Review

Qsymia Review: New FDA-Approved Obesity Treatment with Some Side Effects

Obesity has become a big problem of the 21st century. A lot of people across the world wish to get rid of excess weight and search for new weight loss products in the industry. The FDA doesn’t approve new medicines too often. But it once in a while allows adding a new title to the long list of available weight loss solutions. Qsymia is one of the new obesity treatment manufactured by Vivus Inc. (aka Qnexa) and approved by the FDA. Read the Qsymia review to learn more about this medicine.

Qsymia ingredients include phentermine (it suppresses appetite) and topiramate (it is also used as migraine and anti-seizure solution). This product works for obese people only. It is not developed for and should not be taken by adults whose overweight BMI is less than 27. This drug can also help individuals with high cholesterol, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Topiramate can help in the weight loss program by creating unappealing food taste, the feeling of being full and improving calorie expenditure. Phentermine is believed to send special signal to the brain and regulating the appetite-responsible hormone making patients eat less and burn more fat. The result can be impressive if you are taking the prescribed dose, never overdose, listen to your doctor’s recommendations, stay on a special diet and exercise.

The battle with excess overweight is not simple. Qsymia reviews mention a big number of possible side effects you might come across while taking this medicine.

Qsymia side effects can be not-too serious and dangerous. Less severe health problems could include insomnia, anxiety, constipation, dry mouth, bad taste, memory issues and numbless. Other side effects may include problems with concentration, abnormal heartbeat, depression and even suicidal thoughts, changes in behavior, mood changes and other problems.

In case you experience any changes while taking Qsymia you should contact your health care provider and seek medical help. It is also best to stop your weight loss program and find a different medicine that causes less or no unpleasant symptoms.

Qsymia cannot be prescribed to just any patient who is overweight and needs special treatment. Not only it requires healthy lifestyle and low-calorie diet. It also must not be used by particular groups of people, including pregnant women, patients with health problems (glaucoma, overactive thyroid etc.), and allergies to the Qsymia ingredients. Individuals who are taking particular medicines such as antidepressants cannot be treated with this weight loss drug as well.

Vivus Inc. conducted a study and reported that obese patients who were treated with Qsymia lost 20-22 pounds over a year. This result might be not as fast as other companies promise and the side effects might be discouraging. Besides, the FDA approved this medicine from the second attempt. At first it denied approving Qsymia (in 2010) and later it finally approved it after Qsymia company promised to test the product and prove that its heart-related side effects are not that dangerous.

Consult your physician before you start any weight loss treatment.


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