Zantrex3 Review

Does Zantrex3 Help Lose Belly Fat or Not?

How safe or dangerous are Zantrex3 ingredients? Are side effects severe or not? These are the main questions asked by people who wish to lose extra weight and are in search for the dietary supplement that will help them eat less and burn more calories. Hopefully this Zantrex3 review can help you with your choice and explain all the pros and cons of buying this product.

Zantrex3 ingredients (note that this product is manufactured by a company based out of Utah) include Yerba Mate extract, Guarana seeds, Damiana, Kola seeds, Trimethylxanthine (caffeine), Schizonepeta, roots of Maca, Asian Ginseng and Phodiola crenulata, extracts of Black Pepper, Black Tea leaf and Cacao seed. It is curious that most of these ingredients have no known weight loss effect at all.

Zoller Laboratories that produces a list of Zantrex supplements doesn’t offer clinical studies and doesn’t prove that its product can really help in weight management. Still some ingredients are believed to cause some potential weight loss result. For example, extract from Yerba Mate native tree can be helpful as well as Guarana seeds that might suppress the appetite. Can caffeine be useful? It will most likely cause side effects but not take some of your pounds away.

As for the Schizonepeta ingredient found in Zantrex3, it used to serve as fever and cold treatment but was never associated with obesity treatment. Asian Ginseng, according to some reports, might lower down your blood sugar - but is it enough for successful weight loss?

Zantrex3 side effects that can be caused by all the ingredients do not sound too reassuring. Insomnia, bad headache, rapid heart beat, nausea, muscular tremors and irritation are among the most common side effects experienced by individuals who have given Zantrex3 a try.

The huge amount of caffeine used in this product should make you pay attention to all the ingredients and proceed with caution. It is nearly impossible to lose weight by only taking pills. Exercising and special diet should also be a part of the program and the enormous amount of caffeine is not that good for exercising.

The lack of scientific research on this product and the amount of caffeine used in it should make you suspicious. Most experts can tell you that it could be possible to drop some pounds by just limiting or completely reducing white foods and sugar from your everyday menu. This might be difficult but at least there are no severe side effects when you are reasonable and don’t jump on the weight loss program that has minimum or no testing and researching background.

Fitness, special exercising program and healthy foods might be a better choice than most of the advertised supplements. Consult your physician if you are planning to lose extra weight and discuss all the potential risks and advantages of taking any weight loss pills. Don’t play jokes with your health taking unknown and untested products even if they promise you easy and fast belly fat loss like Zantrex3 does.


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